Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blue Exorcist: The Movie

For those people who have yet to see the Blue Exorcist anime the Blue Exorcist movie is not for you, but for those who have seen the series and enjoyed it I believe this is a wonderful addition to the series as it stands now. There have been those that criticize the movie for being less action-packed than anticipated, but there is no need to be so harsh.

For those people who haven't seen the series (one of my top ten recommendations) Blue Exorcist is a series that combines the daily lives of supernatural teenagers together with the action of their daily training as potential exorcists. Each student has his or her own individual talent that they bring to the classroom, together with their own personal burdens. The series is not solely focused on the physical struggles of the characters but also on their emotional struggles. Those people who expect something different from the movie are deluding themselves and robbing the series of what it is that makes it so great.

The movie itself focuses almost entirely on the struggles of the two main characters, Yukio and Rin Okumura, two people who have always had trouble fitting in. Both are pursuing their own brand of justice, although they have very different ways of looking at the problem. While the two are on a mission together Yukio's no-nonsense plan is ruined by Rin's (and to a lesser extent Shiemi's) emotional reaction to the plight of others. Due to their involvement Yukio's reputation is tainted and the target gets away. While Yukio tries to undo the damage his brother has caused Rin finds himself looking after a young demon he's found injured as a result of his actions.

The movie is far from action-packed but that isn't what fans of the series should go into this movie expecting. While the series is certainly not lacking in action, that has never been the point of the show. Blue Exorcist cares more for the relations between its characters than on the fights that take place between them. At its heart the series isn't about fighting demons, it's about finding acceptance. If you look at it that way the movie is a perfect continuation of what fans have come to love, although those people looking for more excitement may find themselves a little disappointed.

All-in-all I would recommend the movie to anyone who enjoyed the show, although those expecting something more than what they got in the original television run may be disappointed.

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